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Our Product Key Words: 2000 Web Design 2000 Web Design Lock it In! Monthly Service and Support Prices are $30 per month right now with no long term contract requirements. (Contact Us about non-profit discounts!) Sign up with 2000 Web Design and your monthly price is locked in, no matter how long you have your website with us! Why a Custom Website? Custom websites are built to your specifications. It will look the way you want it to and not like everyone else's "cookie cutter" site. Examples of Our Work We would like to invite you to visit our customer's sites. Here is a quick link to our album of photos and some of our sites to visit: Click Here Why go Interactive with ASP? HTML pages are static. In other words, they show the same information every time they load and can only be changed by opening the document code and editing the pages directly one at a time or by using an interface program that isn't customizable to your needs. ASP pages adjust according to users selections and can access and edit secured database information directly. For example, with ASP you can quickly edit website information, inventory, and prices, and immediately see the results shown on your pages. Additionally, ASP is a Server Side script. It is processed on the server before it ever goes to the clients computer, and therefore is not subject to blocking by virus protection programs or the selective support of a home computer. Here is a sample of how interactive website design can make your website simple to use, and yet, amazingly effective. Try adding a 'Discounted Price' and changing other information on the sample blocks below: Customization is the key to excellence in a website. Not only can you change items that you sell, but 2000 Web Design builds customizable web pages. For example, if you wanted to add an Announcement to your home page, it is as easy as the example above, and immediately your website includes your announcement. 2000 Web Design 1108 Lansing St. Aurora, CO 80010 Get Map Our Hours Are Listed in Mountain Standard Time. Sales and Billing Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm 10:00 am - 9:00 pm 10:00 am and - 8:00 pm Customer Service and Support Monday - Sunday 24 Hours If you are a non-profit organization and looking for someone to build a website for you, 2000 Web Design offers significant discounts on our monthly fees and build costs. We also offer gift certificates to non-profits for use in various fund raisers. 2000 Web Design proudly sponsors: Santa's Hot Rod Helpers of Pueblo, CO We would also like to specially thank Notepad ++ This wonderful program is the only notepad we use. Follow this link for more about Notepad ++... Start-Up Fees: Website startup fees are due before domain registration. It takes several days for domains to be internet registered and viewable online. Allow for up to one week per site for back-end buildups and creation of database tables and owners log-in. If you have any form of inventory database, this may be able to be directly inserted into the tables. Additions to the website structure listed on page 1 will be separately negotiated. It is the policy of 2000 Web Design to adjust any parts of the website until the customer is satisfied. If for some reason satisfaction can not be agreed upon within one month, the customer is entitled to a refund upon request of one-half the startup fees. Photo Session Fees: Photo Session Fees can be paid at the time of service, or paid on the next billing statement. Monthly Service Fees: The first monthly fee is due on the completion of the back-end buildups and creation of database tables and owners log-in. Billing statements can be provided on a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month basis. Fees are paid for the service period in advance. Discounts are available in Monthly Fees of 10% of referral value for referring paying customers. Yearly Service Fees for Holding / Forwarding Domains: The first yearly fee is due before domain registration. Billing statements are created on the anniversary of registration. Fees are paid for the service period in advance. Discounts are available in Yearly Fees of 10% of referral value for referring paying customers. Delinquent Payments: Accounts not current in payment will be set inactive and blocked online after 15 days. Accounts not current in payment will be closed after 30 days. For accounts not current in payment after 60 days, the domain(s) become the property of 2000 Web Design. Service Cancellations: Accounts may be cancelled at any time by the customer. Payments made in advance will be returned for months not yet started. Domains registered by 2000 Web Design will be released upon request. If no request is made after 60 days from cancelation, the domain(s) become the property of 2000 Web Design. If requested to provide database content and zip files of your personal website files a $30 fee will be charged. Service Transfers: Buy-out prices to fully move a website to another provider are negotiable. A receipt will be provided for any payments made. This reciept may be an electronic copy (as in the case of PayPal payment). By signing a 2000 Web Design Contract you agree that: You have received and understand the terms listed in the contract. You are eighteen years or older. You are responsible for any content and use of your websites provided by 2000 Web Design. You will abide by all legal regulations of the United States government and other laws applicable to your location regarding your website content and use. Our Normal Monthly Service and Support is currently $30 per month. (Please check for available discounts for non-profit organizations.) The price for monthly service and support that you sign up at is guaranteed to stay the same ammount per month as long as you have service with 2000 Web Design. $30 Monthly Service and Support: Website Hosting Includes up to 100 POP3 or Web-Based email accounts with full support setting up and receiving email accounts 100 GB Web Storage 2,500 GB Traffic Email Contact for general support and web site adjustments Phone Contact for Administrator and Emergency support Discounts are available in Monthly Fees of 10% of referral value for referring paying customers. A Note About Service and Support: 2000 Web Design started as a very small company. There are many things that we learned starting small and have keep as 2000 Web Design grew... While large impersonal companies may be pefectly fine with lossing customers by treating them poorly, 2000 Web Design maintains the policy that every customer is crucial. Not just important, but crucial to the success of 2000 Web Design. Many large companies make claims that they have immediate response for support. While starting small, we learned that immediate response is worthless if the agent reached is unable or unwilling to resolve an issue immediatly. At 2000 Web Design, while we may not be able to provide 100% immediate response, we will give each contact 110% of our attention. You can rest assured, any issue will be taken care of by a proffessional who cares about your business. We would like to thank all our customers and invite them to write a review of our services. Write A Review -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 2, 2008 by Melanie N. of Denver, Co Nice Sites at Good Prices As a small company, it is nice to find a fully custom deal for a good price. I would recomend 2000 Web Design to anyone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 3, 2008 by Scott & Julie Wallace of Franktown, CO Thanks again for everything!!! Regarding the suggestions you sent for product photos: This is very useful information. I like the ideas for the props that go with our fragrances. We hadnt thought of keeping the camera stationary so that the different sizes are more readily apparent. Thanks again for all your support. We have been raving about your service to friends and family. Reply: It really means a lot to me to know you are happy with our service. We believe strongly that everything we can do to help you be successful will make us successful, too. I am sure that anyone talking to you about our service will be 10 times more likely to select our service than the same person would be if it were us doing the talking. Thank you again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 1, 2008 by Catrinia C. of Thornton, CO Use of Sample Site The review of the Sand Box site was very helpful and really has given me a good idea of how things work. Thank you! Contact 2000 Web Design Be sure that your email filter will accept addresses from @2000WebDesign.com 1108 Lansing St. Aurora, CO 80010 Cell: 303-710-5218 Here you can find the options you need to get your website up to speed. Products All the products we offer are samples and anything you would like that is not listed here please contact us for a quote. Additional Semi-Static Page Additional Page for whatever information is needed More Information $ 25.00 Basic Website Base website that additional options and areas can be added to. More Information $ 300.00 $ 200.00 Complex PayPal Form Price is negotiable based on the complexity involved. More Information Customer Reviews Ability for your customers to provide feedback about the quality of service they received. More Information $ 100.00 Event Calender Must have an event listing for this option. More Information $ 50.00 Event Listing More Information $ 75.00 Forum More Information $ 75.00 Medium PayPal Form More Information $ 75.00 Message Board More Information $ 50.00 Newsletter More Information $ 75.00 Product Listing A list of products you offer. More Information $ 300.00 Product Reviews Must have product listing to purchase this option. More Information $ 100.00 Quick Pay Page More Information $ 25.00 Shopping Cart Must have product listing to have this option More Information $ 200.00 Simple PayPal Form More Information $ 50.00 Single PayPal Button A button going to PayPal so you can receive a payment or donation. More Information $ 15.00 Here you will find the various package deals we have set specifically for our customers. Products All the products we offer are samples and anything you would like that is not listed here please contact us for a quote. Basic Website Base website that additional options and areas can be added to. More Information $ 300.00 $ 200.00 Customer Review Site Package A Special Package Deal! More Information $ 450.00 $ 300.00 E-Commerce Website Package More Information $ 800.00 $ 500.00 Product Listing Website Package A Great Package Deal! More Information $ 600.00 $ 350.00 Special E-Commerce Website Package More Information $ 1,075.00 $ 800.00 Special Product Listing Website Package More Information $ 875.00 $ 600.00