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Why a Custom Website?

Custom websites are built to your specifications. It will look the way you want it to and not like everyone else's "cookie cutter" site.

Examples of Our Work

We would like to invite you to visit our customer's sites.  Here is a quick link to our album of photos and some of our sites to visit:  Click Here

Why go Interactive with ASP?

HTML pages are static.  In other words, they show the same information every time they  load and can only be changed by opening the document code and editing the pages directly one at a time or by using an interface program that isn't customizable to your needs. ASP pages adjust according to user’s selections and can access and edit secured database information directly.  For example, with ASP you can quickly edit website information, inventory, and prices, and immediately see the results shown on your pages. Additionally, ASP is a ‘Server Side’ script.  It is processed on the server before it ever goes to the client’s computer, and therefore is not subject to blocking by virus protection programs or the selective support of a home computer. Here is a sample of how interactive website design can make your website simple to use, and yet, amazingly effective.  Try adding a 'Discounted Price' and changing other information on the sample blocks below:
An Item on Your Website: Your Owner's Login Area:

Customization is the key to excellence in a website.

Not only can you change items that you sell, but 2000 Web Design builds customizable web pages.  For example, if you wanted to add an Announcement to your home page, it is as easy as the example above, and immediately your website includes your announcement.

Designing the Future...
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