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Monthly Service

Our Basic Website Monthly Service and Support is currently $30 per month.  (Please check for available discounts for non-profit organizations.)


The price for monthly service and support that you sign up at is guaranteed to stay the same ammount per month as long as you have service with 2000 Web Design.


$30 Basic Website Monthly Service and Support:

  • Website Hosting
    • Includes up to 100 ‘POP3’ or Web-Based email accounts with full support setting up and receiving email accounts
    • 100 GB Web Storage
    • 2,500 GB Traffic
  • Email Contact for general support and web site adjustments
  • Phone Contact for Administrator and Emergency support
  • Discounts are available in Monthly Fees of 10% of referral value for referring paying customers.

A Note About Service and Support:

2000 Web Design started as a very small company.  There are many things that we learned starting small and has kept as 2000 Web Design grew... 

While large impersonal companies may be pefectly fine with lossing customers by treating them poorly, 2000 Web Design maintains the policy that every customer is crucial.  Not just important, but crucial to the success of 2000 Web Design.

Many large companies make claims that they have immediate response for support.  While starting small, we learned that immediate response is worthless if the agent reached is unable or unwilling to resolve an issue immediatly.  At 2000 Web Design, while we may not be able to provide 100% immediate response, we will give each contact 110% of our attention.  You can rest assured, any issue will be taken care of by a proffessional who cares about your business.

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