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All the products we offer are samples and anything you would like that is not listed here please contact us for a quote. 

Basic Website

This is the basic website that all of our other products are added to.

Website Start-Up:

  • Domain Registration with assistance choosing an appropriate Domain Name or Transfer of Existing Domain
    • (example: www.yourcompany.com)
  • Main Site Build
    • Professional Graphic Design of background elements and website style
    • CSS Style Sheet (provides the style settings for all the pages)
    • Introduction HTML Key Words Page for search engine hits
    • Interactive Web Pages More...

      Interactive Web Pages change depending on the users selections and are created 'On Request' from the information that you enter.  These pages are updated when you make changes in your Administrative Area.

      • Index ‘Home’ / About your company / History
      • Location, Map, and Hours page
      • Contact Information page
      • Unlimited Dynamic Photo Albums
    • Owner’s Area with Easy File Uploader
      • Login Page
      • Website Information Editing Pages
      • Complex Website Analysis Records 
      • Your Album(s) of Photos and Files Uploading Area More...

        With all the features and ease that you expect from 2000 Web Design, our Photo Albums and Uploading is all that you could expect and more.  Upload your photos and files with ease.  Title and describe them to provide the best in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Quickly organize them into unlimited public and private albums, and use easy search tools to find your files.  Benifit from automatic thumbnail re-sizing for the best load times by connecting your files by ID to your website, product listings, and event listings.

        Update and arrange many files at once and keep your family, friends, customers, and fans all up to date with the easiest dynamic albums possible!

        If you have a website for no other reason, this photo and file storage/share would be it.  Forget expensive file share sites and sites that require all your visitors to create accounts and share their private information...  Get it, share it, keep it, blog it, video it, file it, organize it!

  • Additional Areas / Pages can be added on request with price negotiation (Most being around $25 to $30 per page)

Photo Support:

  • Easy access to directly upload photos to your site
  • Automatic Photo formatting and preparation to get the most from your website photos and files
  • Photo Sessions Available (contact for details)


Monthly Service and Support Information Here

$ 300.00

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